“As a young remote team with roots in the millennial and GenZ generation, we have been looking towards a future where remote work is mainstream for a while now. However, COVID-19 made the future arrive already and now we have to find new solutions to our workday. At the same time we see a gig economy running with 1000 km/h in Europe and we want to make sure that the workers who participate in it are treated fairly. Our solution is therefore Makerpeer, where we want freelancers to feel safe, comfortable and enjoy social interactions with like-minded. We aim for Makerpeer to be the place you go to work everyday.”

Frederikke Leth, CEO@Makerpeer

First on the Market

During COVID-19 pandemic, demand for social interaction of freelancers and employees who are working remotely has increased. In that case we may say that the behaviour of people has changed and is becoming more socially interactive. However, the current freelance platforms that work as marketplaces do not offer any social alternatives for freelancers who use them.
So, Makerpeer will solve this problem !

Opportunity based on the future demand
Owing to Makerpeer, businesses get access to both freelancers from their local region and abroad, which reduces the problem with time zone differences and culture misunderstandings. Makerpeer provides two types of payment solutions: fiat and digital currencies (crypto currencies), because we believe that the world is ready to use digital currencies on a wider scale. The benefits of digital currencies is that the transaction is much faster than fiat payments. Since the transactions run on the blockchain they will be transparent for each party and reduce fraud. And the best part is of course, that it allows freelancers to keep the majority of their earnings as Makerpeer charges one of the lowest commissions fees on the freelance market. 

Makerpeer’s Vision
Our vision is a world where remote work is just as socially rewarding as inhouse work and where freelancers are supported with low commission fees and fair hourly payment.

Makerpeer’s Mission
Our mission is to become the go-to platform for the future of work. We want to increase social interaction among freelancers and make working remote fun and rewarding.

Makerpeer’s Values

  • Integrity in the work community
  • Transparency on every level
  • Trustworthiness and reliability of each member of company
  • Fair treatment of the freelancers in the gig economy 

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