Meet Benjamin

Benjamin Bureau is an independent graphic designer agency, specialized in Branding Consultancy for high-demanding clients, worldwide. Let’s work together!

Benjamin Bureau delivers various design products to be used for branding, webdesign, UI/UX design, product design, art direction and brand strategy.
His attitude can be described in one sentiment: “Design = Function Above Form”
Benjamin Bureau’s aim is to revert the design industry back to its basics. To the era of timeless forms, the purely functional design, rooted in the Bauhaus-movement. 

Only a singular one kind of design exists: functionality. Everything else is for mere decoration.
Benjamin Bureau builds up a whole new world of branding strategies from top to bottom.
In the Bureau’s way of creation, the function of the product is always priority, building on the form that serves that function, thus proceeding on the path paved by the Bauhaus.

By Frederikke Leth

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