Makerpeer is launching MKP!

Yes, that’s right – Makerpeer has launched its official token (MKP) in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and you can buy it now!

Anyone can invest and become an owner of MKP. 

During the ICO, Makerpeer will airdrop an undisclosed amount of MKP to people already holding MKP, so hurry now if you want to be rewarded later. There is a total of 100 million tokens and for now we have put 1 million up for sale. 

What is the purpose of the Makerpeer ICO?
Taking part in an initial coin offering (ICO) is like supporting a project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. But the difference is that in an ICO you invest any amount you wish of the token with the anticipation that the token will increase in value. When you buy MKP, you support Makerpeer to build more features to support you. Holding MKP will also enable you to buy exclusive deals and offers in Makerpeer.
Follow the guideline below to invest in MKP. Please also read the disclaimer below.

How do I join the Makerpeer ICO?
First you have to set up a Metamask wallet to receive MKP once you have bought them. You can choose freely how many MKP you wish to buy. If you already have a wallet you can go directly to and invest the amount you want. If you do not already have a wallet, you can install Metamask from the guideline below. 

What is the starting price of 1 MKP?
MKP is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain. To invest in Makerpeer’s ICO you can only do it with ETH. During the ICO, 1 MKP has the same price, which is 0,01 ETH. This means that if you want to invest in 10 MKP you have to have 0,1 ETH. After the ICO ends, MKP will be launched on the Uniswap exchange, where the price can increase. So if you hold 10 MKP, the value of your MKP may increase. You should also be aware that when you buy MKP you will need to pay for the gas price (the transmission price), which is quite high these days as Bitcoin and Ethereum are in a bull run. You can change the gas price in your Metamask wallet’s advanced settings.

The steps are:
1. Set up your Metamask wallet
2. Register on an exchange Kraken or Coinbase
3. Send ETH to your Metamask wallet
4. Invest in MKP from Makerpeer  

TIP! Watch this beginners guide on how to register, buy ETH and send/withdraw from Kraken.

We will also break down the steps below

  1. Setup your Metamask wallet
    There are several ways to store tokens and we strongly recommend using MetaMask as your Ethereum wallet. This is where you will invest your ETH from and where you will receive your MKP.
    If this is all new to you, and you don’t know what ETH is you can click here to learn more.
    Important: Use Firefox or Brave browser to install Metamask.
  2. Register on an exchange
    The most common way to obtain ETH is to buy it on an exchange with FIAT currency (US dollars, Euro, GBP, Yen, etc). There are dozens of exchanges to choose from — doing some research will help you pick one that’s best for you. These are some of the most popular exchanges:


    You can choose freely which exchange you wish to choose.
    If you want to register for Coinbase, you can learn how to do it here
    If you want to register for Kraken, you learn how to do it here 

  3. Send ETH to your Metamask wallet
    To send ETH from Coinbase or Kraken, you will need your Metamask address. Learn how to retrieve it here
    Once you have retrieved your Metamask address, you will need to go to your Coinbase or Kraken account and choose “withdraw ETH” – here you can insert your address (remember to double check the address). Learn how to withdraw from Kraken here

    Learn how to withdraw from Coinbase here
    Note that the process is the same whether you withdraw ETH or BTC. 

  4. Invest in MKP from Makerpeer
    Remember to make sure your Metamask wallet is charged with enough ETH. 
    1. Open from the browser where your Metamask wallet is installed
    2. Connect your Metamask with Makerpeer. Metamask will appear and you click connect 
    3. Enter the amount of MKP you wish to buy 
    4. You can change the gas price (transaction speed). Low, medium or fast.
    5. Click confirm and you will receive your MKP according to your gas price. 

NB: If the buying-window doesn’t show, clear your browser cache and try again. 

What is an airdrop campaign?
An airdrop campaign is a campaign where people who already hold MKP will get rewarded one or several times during the ICO with extra free MKP. Learn more here.

What is the difference between a coin and a token?
Coins are any cryptocurrency that has a standalone independent blockchain (like Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP). Tokens are cryptocurrencies that do not have their own blockchain but live on another blockchain. In this case, the MKP is a token and lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

White Paper
To substantiate an ICO, a white paper is always supporting the project. The Makerpeer Team has also written and published our white paper.
Read the White Paper here

Makerpeer is not responsible for any losses derived from participating in the ICO. Please carefully study the White Paper and make sure you understand the risk of participating in an ICO. ICOs are unregulated, in an early stage development, with experimental software and business models, no governmental protection of your investment, dramatic price volatility, the strong potential for inadequate documentation. You should only invest in cryptocurrency or ICO projects if you have substantial technical knowledge and understand the specifics of the offering. You must understand that you and other’s investments may not result in usable or valuable token or you may lose the entire value of your investment. 

Makerpeer does not offer any advice on investments or any other advice such as legal or accounting or tax. It is your sole responsibility as an investor in the ICO to conduct sufficient due diligence on legal, accounting and tax regulation. 

Buy MKP here
If you have read the above and have added ETH to your wallet, you can buy MKP below.

Got any questions?

We are always here to help

Reach out to the Makerpeer Team with any type of query.

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